For the holidays, Pontie Wax presents two seasonal combinations that are perfect for gift giving:


Spiced Pumpkin blends pumpkin pie and pumpkin soufflé with a touch of Caribbean spices, and is a strong candle reminiscent of the Kwanzaa family tradition of feasting. Egyptian Amber & Peppermint is a regal scent with a minty twist. This complex blend of essential oils offers a fusion of dark chocolate, mint, vanilla, musk and sandalwood.  A perfect gift to express unity, cooperation, purpose, and creativity.


Cider & Spice is a combination of blue spruce, pine needle and apple cider to create a delightfully charming holiday candle.  Vanilla & Cinnamon is a romantic Christmas scent that offers the warm aroma of vanilla essence and the sweet and spicy blend of cinnamon sticks.  This pack is an ode to Pontie's childhood Christmas!