About Pontie Wax

Pontie Wax is a line of scented hand-poured soy wax candles founded in 2015.  Made from 100% plant based soy wax, each candle features non-toxic fragrance and essential oils.  There are no parabens, plastics or additives included to Pontie Wax candles, making each burn pleasant and safe.

As a little girl growing up in Barbados, Pontie was captivated with her family garden. The variety of home grown flowers, herbs and fruits delighted her and she desired for the world to experience what she did --- the joys of natural scents.  Inspired by Pontie's love for beautiful fragrances, this amazing line of candles was created.  With an aromatic experience in every candle, Pontie Wax offers contemporary yet decadently fragranced candles.

Each candle is hand-poured with love in Brooklyn, New York, and crafted in small batches to ensure quality.

About the Owner

Pontie's Daughter, Shante´, is an energetic and creative Aquarius.  She shows her love through gift giving, and founded Pontie Wax with this in mind.  Each candle is a personal gift from her to you.