Rich Earth & All Of Its Goodness!

In the summer of 2016, I visited a plantation in Barbados where Sea Island cotton is harvested.  It was truly an incredible experience as I reflected on those that came before us.  Those that toiled against their will to provide the world with the commodity of cotton.  Those that were enslaved and forced to work that very same plantation.  I was humbled.  

The luxury that is Sea Island cotton, was new information to me.  I had known that it was arguably the finest cotton in the world, but I did not know that it was still in such high demand amongst luxury brands.  I decided to use this cotton to make my wicks because of its durability.  Traditional, manufactured wicks are not remotely as firm.  And they burn quicker.  I therefore knew that a candle made with this special wick would make a wonderful household item.

Rich Earth Spread.jpg

I quite literally hand braid the woven cotton myself.  This is why making this candle takes me so long.  I bought the cotton in Barbados in a loose woven spool, and transported it back to Brooklyn.  Braiding the cotton and preparing it to be a wick requires two days of prep before the wax can be poured into the vessel.  It is truly a labor of love.  But this is also why this candle is limited edition!

Rich Earth is a luxury concoction of woods and spices that create a tantalizingly warm aroma.  With top notes of Amber and Mahogany and bottom notes of Coriander and Sandalwood, this is a fragrance for all candle lovers.  

The silky extra long fibers of the Sea Island cotton are perfect to enhance the scent of the candle in any room!

Photo by  @seedandconjure

Due to the long fibers of the wicks, please be sure to clip them before every relight. We know Pontie Wax customers love to burn our candles for hours at a time, however, this candle should not be burned for more than 2 hours at any given time. The reason is to prevent the wick from beginning to slump over into the pool of wax. This may force the flame to out on its own, or disallow you from having a nice, clean and continuous burn.